1,500-Year-Old Christian Charm Discovered

At the University of Manchester’s John Rylands Library, a 1,500-year-old papyrus fragment was found. It has been identified as one of the earliest surviving Christian charms depicting the earliest documented references to the Last Supper.

“The researchers of the institute stumbled upon this Greek ‘amulet’ while working on fragments of unpublished historical documents. This found charm casts an important new light on early Christianity – just 300 years after Constantine converted to the religion from Roman Catholic.”

The ancient Egyptians used to carry amulets around their necks with prayers inside to keep evil away. Finding the amulet means Christians adopted this practice, but replaced the Egyptian prayers with text from the Bible.

We do the same thing today, not necessarily to ward off evil, but to give us peace of mind, strength, comfort, reassurance and much more. Maybe we don’t write it down on a piece of papyrus or paper anymore, but it is the same concept. At Sarah Ha Jewelry, we believe that is one of the many reasons our customers like to wear our pendants. It is incredible that this tradition has been going on since the time of the Egyptians.

While it is remarkable this ancient pendant survived 1,500 years, imagine someone finding our Sarah Ha Jewelry 5,000 or even 10,000 years from now. If someone discovered our jewelry this far into the future, not only would the text be readable, it would be in its original condition. Withstanding temperatures up to 2,600˚F, the durability of our pendants is unsurpassed. Will your jewelry still be here thousands of years in the future? If you are wearing Sarah Ha Jewelry, yes it will!

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