“The new nano Bible pendant arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much. It’s beautiful! I will treasure being able to wear God’s Holy Word close to my heart. Thank you again”


Dear Mr.Ha,
” I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with your jewelry – Especially with the mother’s day necklace you made for me.
I am so lucky to have such a terrific and thoughtful daughter and she is so lucky to have you for her friend.
This necklace is so special to me I may have a very hard time ever taking it off. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Inspiring Articles

The Lord told the Israelites to teach the word of God to their children, wear them as a sign on their foreheads and to write them on the doorposts or their homes; keeping the scripture close and accessible. Some turned this into a ritual and started wearing small leather boxes containing texts as a reminder of God’s words.  There are wonderful ways in which we display our faith; paintings, décor, wall hangings, pendants and more!

I recently read this article that Mayim BIalik (Amy Farrah Fowler from the Big Bang Theory) wrote, about why she wears the Jewish Star. I blogged about this topic (Why Do We Wear Symbols) a few weeks ago but this article was so wonderful that I wanted to revisit the subject again. I took out two of the excerpts that jumped out to me because they were so inspirational.

“I wear a Magen David because I am not too small to fight. I am not from too modest an origin to rise up and try to inspire in my own small way. I am not too boastful to be humbled, and I am not so right that I can never be wrong.”

“ It will give me strength and protection and courage. Most of all, it will give me pride.”

You can find the full article at this link.

It very moving to hear people speak about their faith like this!

Take a look at our Torah pendants and tell us what they mean to you!

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