10,000 Years of Memories

10,000 years worth of memories

Did you know that Sarah Ha can customize pendants? It’s true! If you want to hold on to pictures, quotes, secrets, recipes, or anything else with for thousands of years, Sarah Ha Jewelry can make that happen! If you are looking for a family air-loom, look no further. Our pendants will last up to 10,000 years! Pass on a beautiful pendant to many generations. Keep past and present family members close to you heart, always.

Here are some examples of customized Sarah Ha Jewelry Pendants

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We have taken the class of USC 1988 class and put the entire class on a dime sized pendant!



Bruce and his beautiful family on this pendant!

Have a particular picture(s) that you want to carry with you always? Head over to www.SarahHa.com today!







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