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April is Jazz Appreciation Month


 The world has a rich history when it comes to jazz.  Especially in America!  Ragtime, bebop, the blues  are all types of jazz that have developed into the wide range of music we can hear today.  But back in the 1800s in the American south jazz originated from slave plantations when the working slaves would try to break up the boredom of their day by singing.   This accompanied the European-American musical tradition to create the basis for jazz.

This month is Jazz Appreciation month.  This month long event had been recently added to the calendar by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in 2002. It is all about celebrating the heritage and history of jazz through local and national jazz fans everywhere. JAM (Jazz Appreciation Month) is intended to stimulate the current jazz scene and encourage people of all ages to participate in jazz- to study the music, attend concert, listen to jazz on radio and recording, read book about jazz, and support institution jazz programs.

Each year the event has a different theme.  So, what is the reason for this?   By introducing a theme, the Smithsonian Museum hopes to show how jazz can reach across different cultures, music genres, technology, gender and race!

April 30th is especially exciting because it is International Jazz Day.  UNESCO proclaimed the day in November 2011 and the aim of the day is to raise awareness of jazz in education, peace and unity.  The promotion of jazz will not only encourage people to appreciate the music but it is also a great way of joy and reducing tensions around the world.

Want to contribute?

  • Go out and hear some live jazz in a local venue. Take a friend (or two), especially if your friend(s) aren’t already jazz fans. Thank the musicians personally for their work.
  • Buy some jazz recordings–stretch your taste by trying something you haven’t heard before or fill out your collection of classics.
  • Make a contributionto a local non-profit jazz organization, broadcaster, blogger, publication or school. Many accept donations on their websites. Tell them it’s to celebrate Jazz Month.

Who is your favorite jazz musician? Should we conjure up a jazz pendant?











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