Christmas shopping… but it’s only October!!!

When I go out and about, I am starting to notice Christmasy things all over the place. Slowly but surely they are starting to take over stores and our TVs! Just the other day I saw a layaway commercial. Seeing those decorations and commercials made me think about Christmas and Christmas shopping. I asked myself… is it too early to start my holiday shopping? I mean summer just ended last week! After debating a little bit on this subject matter I have decided… NO it is not too soon to start.

Did you know that 20% of Americans have already gotten a head start on Christmas shopping and by Halloween that percentage will have doubled? It also seems like the holiday season starts earlier every year. Last black Friday the malls opened at midnight but the year before it was 4 in the morning, I believe. What’s next, shops opening at 5pm on Thanksgiving?!?! I hope not!

Whether you are a person to start your shopping early or later, I found and came up with some for the holiday season!

1) Have a Budget in mind and write it down: depending on how close I am to some will determine how much I spend on them and put the intended amount next to their name. (So what if I go a little over it CHRISTMAS)!

2) Put a little money aside per paycheck: instead of overloading your credit card all at once, take a little bit of cash out of your paycheck and put it in an envelope! I bet it will make a world of difference.

3) Listen for clues: perplexed on what to get someone? Keep a little notebook in your purse or paper in your wallet to write things down. If you go out with a friend and they say they like something, jot it down!

4) Set a date to be done by: This way you can spend more time with your loved ones and not with strangers in a mall.

5) Keep track of your presents: make a list of the person and what you got them. When it comes time to wrap, you will remember exactly what you bought and for whom. (Sometimes I forget what I got who or how many gifts I got a person, so this list has saved me quite a few times)

Follow these tips and tricks and I think this holiday season will be way less stressful! Also if you start shopping now and find a better price later, you can always return and repurchase ( I am talking about mostly in store purchases)! I hope you found some of this helpful.

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