“FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!” – U.S. Air Force Colonel, Walter Hitchcock

The United States of America declared its freedom in July of 1776.  Now, over two generations later on July 4th let’s celebrate the birth of our country’s freedom with the NanoRosetta team!  We have preserved the legacies of the Founding Fathers for generations to come and we welcome you to be a custodian of one of our most important documents.  This is the only nano archive of these documents in the world and it will last for thousands of years.

Our truly archival nano engraving technology allows us to archive a piece of the United States history like the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  We preserve this history onto a beautiful medallion the size of a dime, which can be mounted onto numerous types of stunning jewelry.


This 4th of July you can wear the U.S. Constitution!

Constitution with Flag

Or, you can have the medallion as a collector’s item!  The medallions are placed into a beautiful cherry case so that you can start a collection of your own! Should you ever want to wear it, you can also get it mounted into a dog tag or solid silver pendant setting.

Whether it’s the signing painting or the diffractive American flag sparkling with millions of colors, the written documents are preserved in 100% eye readable text.

Freedom is the fundamental principal of every successful nation in the world and it is not free.

You can help remember and preserve this freedom for future generations by having your country’s history NanoRosetta’d.

Collect all of the most important documents from the history of the United States in Nano form!

  • United States Constitution
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Pictures of all of the Founding Fathers or Prominent glittering US Flag
  • The Bill of Rights
  • And More!



All our products are made in the good ol’ USA!  Help support small businesses in America!

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Note: This blog was contributed by Sam, our intern from Cornell.





































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