Lights, Camera, Action!

Last week we filmed a commercial with the great David and talented Regeau. I was lucky enough to be a part of it! Bruce and his wife Sarah (whom the jewelry line is named after) gathered some customers and were able to get some great testimonials!

lca lca1 lca2   (taking some testimonial footage)

This amazing team came into the office to start shooting the production process of how we make our pendants from start to finish. I had no idea how much work it took to create a 3 minute video. We shot for about 7 hours! From the lighting to the right angles, multiple takes to make sure everything was perfect; I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I had a blast doing it. Not only was I able to be hands on with the equipment, learn more in depth about how we make our beautiful pendants, I was also able to have my name on a film clapper and snap it!   Never did I think I would be up close and personal to an actual filming. It was quite the adventure.

lca3 lca4 lca5 (inspecting the stamper)

It was a long few days with barely any sleep but everyone was a trooper and kept their spirits up! We can’t wait to show you our video!

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