Love is in the Air

Wedding season is still upon us and  Sarah Ha Jewelry would be a unique and thoughtful gift to give for a wedding gift or even bridal shower present!

I was lucky enough to be apart of an Indian wedding thing weekend! It was my first and hopefully not my last. It was the most colorful, elegant, exciting wedding I had ever been to! There were three days of fun rituals and festivities. (This was a north Indian style wedding)

Day 1: The Sangeet

 Friends and family of the bride, groom, and parents are invited for dancing, singing and delicious food. The songs that are sung are traditional folk songs. These songs include jokes about the in-laws, soon to be husband, the bride leaving her home among other topics. With the singing also comes much dancing! Children, In-laws and friends perform different dances for the bride and groom. At this particular Sangeet, there was a woman decorating our hands with mehndi also known as Henna. They were beautifully done designs and I hope mine stays on for a while! It took the Bride 3 hours to get her mehndi completed! The intricate designs were all down her hands, arms legs and feet. It was beautiful. The woman who put the mehndi on her also hid the letters of the groom with the elaborate design!

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  Day 2: Haldi

This day was more relaxed. The bride and groom both perform this ritual, but at their own respective homes. This ceremony consists of family and friends applying a yellow turmeric past from head to toe on the bride, giving the bride to be a beautifully and healthy glow for her wedding day. It is like a spa treatment but instead of aromatherapy and facials, they get yellow paste all over. I think it is more fun for the friends and family then the bride herself. (I had a blast)

1.1                         1.2


Day 3: Wedding Day

The wedding day was my favorite! The bridesmaids had such a beautiful rich purple color Sari on and all looked so beautiful. After everyone had gotten ready it was now time for the Baraat! The Baraat is a huge procession with its own band, dancers and a horse covered with decorations. The groom does not take part in the dancing because he is the one riding the beautiful horse! Family and friends of the groom are the ones who dance and then the bridesmaids and bride’s side join in on the fun! The actual wedding ceremony is performed after the baraat, followed by cocktail hour and the wedding reception!

1.3    1.4

1.54  1.7

It was such a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for my friend. Do you have a wedding to attend soon? Sarah Ha jewelry would make the perfect wedding gift! .

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