Millenium Archival


Preserving information is an integral part of the human experience, and as a species, we have been doing it for thousands of years.  From the Rosetta stone to Facebook, humans have preserved their history, and while posting pictures to Facebook may not seem like archiving data quite like carving it into stone, it is.

However, throughout history archiving of documents and photos has always been fraught with the risk of destruction or loss of information.  Ancient structures crumble and are destroyed.  If your computer crashes, Facebook goes out of business and closes its site; your photo albums are destroyed in a fire, whatever it may be.

With NanoRosetta technology your memories and valuable information are preserved in every way to ensure longevity:

  • The nickel medallion is capable of lasting thousands of years and temperatures in excess of 2500 degrees without even a scratch to the archived photos and text.
  • The DVD incorporates both the digital and analog information (analog pictures and text on one side, digital data of pictures and documents on the other).
  • Online allows Google Map  like navigation through our online browser as long as there is Internet connection!

It’s like having multiple insurance policies on your cherished or valuable information.  No other company in the world has this ability!

To recover the archived information, it’s a matter of using optics and light.  We use a high resolution digital camera or a lab quality microscope to retrieve the records.

The past is a valuable treasure that we can learn from and we want to preserve it for you, forever.

For this year’s anniversary of the birth of our country, we are producing an archive of the Constitution and all of the Amendments as well as the Declaration of Independence.  Look for our next blog for more details.


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