Mother, waves, and 40 years ago today

10423676_1627208574177981_4020038135119031342_n - CopyAs I wait for the bus to pick up my kids in the serenity of my yard listening to the birds chirping preparing their nests for the next brood and the sound of my kids laughing on the swings, my mind wandered to where I was 40 years ago today.  I am now in the role of my own parents with kids the same age I was at that time.

Yesterday, 40 years ago, we had just fled our home leaving everything behind forever.  I thought about what my mom was thinking with 7 kids on a fishing boat in the middle of the ocean.  We were the first wave of immigrants riding on the tsunami resulting from the epicenter of what was the fall of Saigon on April 30th, 1975.  Many of the people from this first wave perished and lost in history.  Some were deposited on the shores of foreign land.  Some flourished and others languished.

As a mom with 7 kids, my mom did all she could to protect her family.  Her children are her legacy.  Her circumstances were beyond her control.  She was on a small boat with her family escaping a military invasion.  I’m sure so many emotions tugged at her.  Did she make the right decision?  Would the family be better off staying?  Did she just put her kids in mortal danger on the high seas?

It’s difficult to be a good mom and in my mom’s circumstance, she braved the risks and struggled to provide her kids with an opportunity for the future.   It’s what all moms would do.

To my mom, to my wife, Sarah, and all the moms out there, this coming Mother’s Day is your day.  Enjoy it.

More details from previous post about my journey can be found here.

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