Nano-Engraving Inventor, Bruce Ha’s Professional Bio

Many have wondered and were rightfully skeptical about how Sarah Ha Jewelry can compress the entire volume of a book as large as the Holy Bible into such a small form factor the size of a dime.

Throughout my career, I have been involved in many R&D projects beginning at the Rockwell Science Center. After spending some time at Hughes Missile Systems and Raytheon Radar Systems,  I did research and development at Pioneer Video on the laser disc format for two years in Japan and worked on developing the DVD format here in the United States.   I went on to develop a flexible optical trading card that can be played in a CD player for Upper Deck. I then worked with Kodak to develop the Picture CD technology to allow readable and recordable areas to co-exist on the same disc.

When Kodak started divesting its many business units, I started my own company to provide optical disc technologies and was able to subsequently license a technology to 3DCD to be used on optical discs such as CDs, DVDs and BluRay for authentication purposes. (

3DCD was the contractor to provide holographic technologies for use on Microsoft discs.


While developing technology for security purposes, I recognized that making optical disc data required putting down billions of little dots.  I devised a way to rearrange these billions of dots to create microscopic characters, the density of which could fit the entire volume of book such as the Holy Bible or the collected works of Shakespeare onto the size of a dime.  This was how the Sarah Ha Jewelry line was born.  We made a Sarah Ha  video about this.  Our kids even played a role in their version of Alice in Wonderland.  I have been granted 11 patents overall with four in the area of using a rotary recording platform to create small diffractive features such as the beautiful cross featured on the Sarah Ha Jewelry pendants, and many other nano-sized characters.

Here is the summary of my professional bio.

bruce profile
Bruce Ha

Bruce Ha
Stamper Technology, Inc.
232 Wallace Way
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 247-8370

At Stamper Technology, we manufacture “stampers” or nickel disc masters used to mold discs for the CD and DVD industry.  The company sells stampers to customers who have injection-molding machines to make thousands of plastic discs for their customers. Stamper Technology customers are generally smaller boutique CD and DVD replicators who cater to corporate distribution materials, software drivers, small audio bands, and audio books.  Leveraging its expertise in optical-disc technology, the company has developed and been granted four patents related to the high-speed creation of 300,000 dpi printing used in the fast creation of high-density security holograms and nano-features.  The technology has been licensed to be used for all Microsoft discs such as Windows and Xbox games.  The ability to print nano-features has also opened other opportunities in fields such as high-density archival documents, as well as archival jewelry.

Bruce Ha possesses vast technological, R&D, statistical process control, and managerial knowledge through his associations with companies such as Rockwell Science Center, Hughes Aircraft, Raytheon, Pioneer Video Mfg., Technicolor and the Eastman Kodak Company.  After having worked on missiles systems, Bruce spent two years in Japan on research and development of the Laser Disc format.  Upon returning to the US, he worked on specifications committees to create the DVD format at Technicolor and developed the world’s first flexible optical trading card for Upper Deck.  At Kodak, Bruce developed and commercialized the Picture CD technology, which allows both pre-recorded and recordable areas to be combined onto a single disc.  A graduate of USC with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering, a minor in Business Administration, and a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering, Bruce has been granted 11 patents for high-speed polar raster writing technology to create diffractive optical elements for use in the authentication of optical discs, nano-text engraving, and high-level security holographic technologies. Bruce also founded: , a jewelry line that inscribes the entire Bible on the size of a penny, , which preserves high-density human readable document archives for 10,000 years with a capacity density of 82,000 pages on a CD sized disc, and, which provides quality stampers for manufacturers of CDs and DVDs.

Having been responsible for documenting and implementing quality control processes to pass ISO 9000 certification at Pioneer and Technicolor, Bruce brings to the board a strong background in creating and maintaining effective policies and procedures, which has allowed his company to achieve fast and flexible response capabilities to competitively meet the needs of the marketplace.  Bruce is extremely driven in the field of data management.

In addition to his business focus, Bruce and his wife, Sarah, spend much of their free time with their three young daughters.  They practice Taekwondo to build physical skill and mental discipline.  Bruce enjoys martial arts and was an instructor at one time.  At the age of 10, Bruce fled Vietnam with his family and eventually immigrated to the US.  Through hard work and determination, he taught himself English and excelled in school receiving top honors.  He is also fluent in four languages.  Because of the adversity he faced in his youth, Bruce understands life’s challenges, and is therefore dedicated to his community by helping to reduce poverty, promoting animal welfare and encouraging the advancement of students in the fields of math and science.


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