Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

Located in Salisbury, England, Salisbury Cathedral is a prime example of early English architecture. The main structure was completed in 1258 and only took 38 years to construct. Measuring in at 404 feet, Salisbury Cathedral has the tallest spire in the United Kingdom. In addition to having the tallest spire, this cathedral also has the largest cloister (open space surrounded by covered walks or open galleries that was actually used as a prison during the 17 century Civil War) and the world’s oldest working clock (1386 AD). If this wasn’t impressive enough Salisbury is also home to the best surviving copy of the Magna Carta. 

The Magna Carta can be found in the octagonal shaped chapter house. Within the structure depicts scenes and stories from the books of Genesis and Exodus, including Adams and Eve, Noah, the Tower of Babel, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The Magna Carta sits in the middle of this room and is the first document imposed on the King of England by a group of his subjects, in attempt to limited his powers by law and protect their rights!

Completed in 1320, it only took 100 years to build, and has so much history.



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