The Balancing Act

Goodbye Summer Hello Fall!

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, which is one of the only two days of the year that has day and night being the same in length! It is also a great time to reflect on the balance of your life.

Is there a certain area that outweighs the other? Which parts are balanced? Whether it is work, play family, religion ect, take a moment and ponder! It is perfectly normal to not be balanced all the time, in fact I bet 80% or more aren’t totally in sync with all the aspects in our life.

If the spiritual aspect of your life is unbalanced or perhaps you know someone…we can help with that! If Comforted is one the most used words our amazing customers use most to describe our jewelry! If you need some comfort to maybe even help you try and figure out how to balance your life, we would love to help out! Carry the Bible with you always and keep it close to your heart!

Remember we are going to be debuting some new designs and products in the near future! Keep a look out on social media for the announcements, sale and so on! The holiday season is now upon us!!

On a side note, I encourage everyone to try the Egg trick! My highest number was 3 side by side! Can you beat that?!?! Send us some pictures!


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