To Our Wonderful Customers

To Our Wonderful Customers

We just wanted to give a great big shout out to all of our customers! You guys are the best. We are so grateful for your kind words and so happy you love your necklaces. We wanted to share our latest customer review from the website. Customer Review Link

5 Stars Out Of 5

The Entire Holy Bible Inscribed on a Beautiful Pendant

October 7, 2014

Quality:  5

Value:  5

Meets Expectations:  5

“I love my necklace! Very Impressive and just neat to know the entire Holy Bible is inscribed on it. People will come up to me to ask about my necklace. When I tell them what it is, they are totally amused! Great gift for someone!”

Thanks again for being the best customers we could have ever hoped for. Head over to (search Sarah Ha) to bring one of our beautiful pendants home with you today.  The limited time offer is still available (Anywhere from 25% to 35% off).  Also check out our other designs at

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