Veteran’s Day ONE DAY SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veteran’s Day

Thank you to all the men and women who have served our country in the past and those who are currently serving. Let’s remember our veterans and let their memories live in our hearts. Here is a sentiment from one of our customers.

“Today, I’m thinking of my uncle, a Vietnam vet, and my great uncle, a WWII vet, who saved his entire squadron by using a broken handle and a glove to repair the hydraulics in their bomber when it was shot out. But mostly, I think of everyone who endured and continues to endure the horrors of war.


Since today is Veterans Day, it is the perfect time to tell you about our new line of Dog Tags and our ONE-TIME VETERANS DAY SALE! I know we have posted the pendants on our social media, but here are the finished products, which are now available for purchase! We have three beautiful designs for you to choose from above.  The Cross says, “God is my Refuge” and has the entire Bible written on the pendant. The Shield says, “God is with Me” and is engraved with the complete New Testament. The Dove says, “Never Alone” and is also inscribed with the New Testament.

These unique keepsakes can be found on our website and range in price from $49 to $64.  Take advantage of OUR ONE DAY ONLY SALE! Keep God and the Bible close to your heart always. Our pendants make exceptional Holidays gifts and provide comfort, strength, protection and much more. You can purchase the pendants for yourself or your loved ones at Get yours today!

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