Why Do We Wear Symbols?

Beautiful Symbols

Why Do We Wear Symbols?

Generally when people wear pendants or jewelry, there is usually a special meaning behind    it.The pendant could bring comfort to a person; remind them of someone, a souvenir of their travels, expression of religion, expression of themselves, hobbies or many other different scenarios. The one common factor is that no matter what lies on the pendant, it is special to that person. By wearing them you are showing the world a little piece of you! 

We would love to know what your favorite symbols are and what they mean to you. Does it remind you of a loved one?  A vacation? Does it bring you love, comfort happiness and great memories?? Let us know on www.facebook.com/sarahhajewelry

We recently received a letter filled with very kind words! We are so happy that she loved her necklace! Big thanks to Michelle.

 “Dear Mr.Ha,

I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with your jewelry – Especially with the mother’s day necklace you made for me.
I am so lucky to have such a terrific and thoughtful daughter and she is so lucky to have you for her friend.
This necklace is so special to me I may have a very hard time ever taking it off. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely, Michelle”


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